Dietitian Eline Zuiderwijk in Leidschendam-Voorburg and Dordrecht

I’m Eline Zuiderwijk, dietitian. I graduated in 2011 at the Hague University for the 4 year course Food and Nutrition. After my study I started working at a slimming institute. There I worked with different kind of nutritional issues, like overweight, pregnancy, high cholesterol and diabetes. In that time I gained a lot of experience in coaching and guiding clients. In terms of healthy eating, as well as in a proper exercise program. After 2 years I decided to start running a dietitian practice from home and in September 2013 this was a fact. From June 2014 I opened also a second dietitian practice in Dordrecht. With great pleasure I help people in Leidschendam- Voorburg and Dordrecht to get their nutrition pattern optimally and healthy.

I welcome everybody! Whether you want to lose weight, put on weight, or you just want to know if what you are doing right now is that healthy or not? Also, people with medical problems are welcome. Think about heavy overweight, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

“Goed eten!” means ‘good food’, as well as ‘eat well’ in English. It can be seen in my logo and other communication and Goed eten is exactly my obtained goal. “Goed eten” can be seen and represented in different ways. “Goed eten” means not too little, but also not too much. It also stands for the product choices you make! For example; the choice of pure food without too many additives such as colouring aroma and flavour enhancers.

I would love to receive you in my practice and give you the best advice that can help you too feel better, more healthy, and more fit!

Healthy regards,

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